User identification (Adapter)

LogOnPlus Adapter

RFID media are generally used to identify operators. These are often existing company ID cards or tags that currently are being used for other purposes like physical access control, lockers or on-site payment.
The selection of a suitable RFID reader therefore must be able to read the RFID media (“tags” or “chips”) used on the one hand and communicate with LogOnPlus on the other. The LogOnPlus adapter component forms the interface to the hardware used for identification.

The LogOnPlus portfolio currently includes the following adapters:

A110 / A120

RFID: Interflex IF-72 / IF-73 Mifare & Legic Readers


RFID: phg Admitto-A1200-D / Stahl HMI UB03 with LogOnPlus Config.


„Slave Adapter“, for replicating logins from another station.


RFID: Adapter for PC/SC standard interface readers (e.g. HID, acs, …)


Adapter Service that may be controlled by software via RESTful API.


RFID: For Promag PCR300AU/MR/MU/MR via (v)COM


Biometric hybrid Adapter for PC/SC readers together with S-KEY Cards

…ready for testing

Biometric Adapter for eyelock “myris” iris scanners.

Need something else?

No worries: Due to its modular design LogOnPlus can easily be enhanced.

HMI and hardware partners

We also maintain good contacts with well-known hardware and HMI manufacturers in our target markets.
One of our favourite RFID readers is the widely used phg Admitto A-1200-D, which we offer fully configured and complemented with a specially developed holding clip designed by us.
We are in regular dialogue with R. STAHL HMI and Pepperl+Fuchs to ensure that LogOnPlus is compatible with common HMI products.
For example, there is tested compatibility with the Stahl “UB03” series RFID readers with the corresponding configuration, but also with the new PC/SC readers from the “Orca” HMI series. Pepperl+Fuchs can also integrate the Admitto reader ex-certified into the HMI solutions.