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There is certainly broad agreement that personalized logins are a good thing in principle. And if the reasons for this are not already of a purely practical and security-oriented nature, the traceability of user actions is also increasingly becoming a regulatory requirement.

In addition to more or less complex one-off adjustments to the system configuration and environment, this means that operators are now forced to enter an increasingly complex personal password again and again in order to log in to the MES, process control system or SCADA during operation.

If this then has to be done x times a day and under difficult conditions (gloves, on-screen keyboard, membrane keyboard…), it is not only unproductive but also extremely frustrating. Last but not least, this creates an incentive for unauthorized “simplifications” in everyday production, such as stations that are not logged off.

With LogOnPlus, you can drastically reduce the number of manual entries or even dispense with them completely thanks to biometrics.


Operators identify themselves using RFID media, e.g. integrated in the user ID card, a personal fingerprint or iris scan.


LogOnPlus verifies the identity by checking it against your Active Directory (LDAP) or using biometric features.


LogOnPlus controls the log-on and log-off of the person in production-related applications such as MES, DCS or SCADA.

Application example:

Biopharmaceutical production

Operators today are under time and control pressure: countless logins are required for logged processing in the MES, interventions in the process control system and, in between, IPCs on the machine HMI and back again. Constantly entering personal passwords at different terminals costs time and, not least, nerves.

RFID plant ID card

Operators use the existing plant ID card, which is also used to pay in the canteen or for access control in the plant. This is always with them, which increases acceptance.

RFID reader hardware

LogOnPlus integrates the RFID readers from the access control system that are set as standard at the factory. This means that no new hardware needs to be selected and qualified.

More than just login & logout

… to DCS or SCADA is offered by LogOnPlus in combination with the PAS-X MES from Körber Pharma Software: Control signature processes can also be significantly accelerated.

No more open systems

…thanks to the automatic logout option in LogOnPlus. Here, the company ID card is clamped onto the reader and operators are automatically logged out immediately when they leave the station.

Application example

Chemical production

The requirement for individual logins is also increasing in the chemical industry due to new internal and external regulations such as CRITIS. Where a group or shift account was previously sufficient for decades, plant operators will have to log in with a personal account in future.

User acceptance

LogOnPlus facilitates the use of personal logins by the simple fact that they are much faster and are required less frequently. Operators appreciate this,

Coverage of various DCS

Many of the process control systems commonly used in this area, such as Emerson DeltaV, Honeywell Experion or Simatic PCS 7 (via Simatic Logon), are already supported in mixed operation.

Low administrative effort

For example, LogOnPlus does not have its own administration of users and their rights: For good reason, this remains the sole responsibility of the target application.

Everything from a single source

If RFID media and suitable readers are not yet in use in the company, we can supply everything from a single source.

Efficiency is everything.

They deserve a solution that is not just the cause of further problems.

Uncomplicated installation and operation

LogOnPlus is an easy-to-install Windows .NET client-server application that has been continuously developed since 2014. Today, LogOnPlus supports many installation scenarios, including the use of thin clients and application and computer virtualization. We always ensure that LogOnPlus can be integrated and operated as easily as possible.

Customizable features

…are, for example, time-dependent, password-free logon (“SLS”), automatic logoff when leaving the station, master/save logins, completely password-free logins for biometric adapters, various operating modes to support cleanroom scenarios and much more. This means that each station can be operated individually and adapted to your production conditions and requirements.

Modular system

Today, LogOnPlus supports a large number of target applications in chemical and pharmaceutical production via so-called “connectors”, for which the logon control is taken over. If “yours” is not yet included, we can make it possible. The same applies to the “adapters” with which LogOnPlus already addresses various RFID adapters, for example.


The LogOnPlus license model allows you to start small and grow the installation as required. Our client components are licensed according to volume (number of stations). The license costs are one-off costs and ongoing costs are only incurred through an optional support contract, which opens up attractive benefits for you.

Go passwordless!

The secure identification of a person using unique biometric features such as a fingerprint or the iris of the eye makes it possible to completely dispense with entering a password in LogOnPlus. This means that the inevitable incorrect entries on on-screen keyboards are finally a thing of the past.

LogOnPlus and Freevolt’s fingerprint-secured S-KEY are the ideal combination of RFID and biometrics for passwordless logins.

In use at more than 700 stations

for our users in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, such as

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With LogOnPlus, obion has been one of the first official PAS-X K.ME-IN partners since June 2023. With LogOnPlus, the standardized interface of the de facto standard MES in the pharmaceutical industry offers not only faster logins but also support for control signatures.

PAS-X / Körber Pharma Software

Partner K-ME-IN Ready

The widely used HMI software VisWin from INOSOFT now offers libraries with which LogOnPlus can be integrated “seamlessly” into the HMI project. This means that LogOnPlus is invisible from the outside and the functions can be used as a feature of your HMI application.


HMI integration

Freevolt is the inventor and manufacturer of the ingenious and fascinating S-KEY: an RFID card that can only be unlocked with a matching fingerprint. We are delighted to be able to realize the first biometric option in LogOnPlus with S-KEY. LogOnPlus + S-KEY = Go passwordless!

Freevolt S-KEY

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