How can LogOnPlus speed up your workflow and increase your overall security at the same time?


  • Users just provide their badge to a card reader and are recognized by a unique number stored on the badge. The manual input of the username is no longer necessary.
  • If you decide to use the Smart Logon Session (SLS) feature, users can re-logon within a configurable period of time without providing their password. Thus, just placing the card on the reader logs the user in again into the target application. Once the SLS time limit is exceeded since the last logoff, keying in the password becomes obligatory, again.
  • A manual logoff is no longer necessary. Users are logged off by removing their badge from the reader.
  • LogOnPlus has a self learning badge-to-user assignment. This comes in handy e.g. when an employee has a temporary spare badge or a new and yet unrecognized employee badge is provided.


  • Your application doesn’t stay accessible but unattended anymore. By removing the badge from the reader, the current user is immediately logged off from the application. Thus, the system does not stay operable and sensitive data is not visible to anyone around.
  • If you decide to use the special LogOnPlus on-screen keyboard, the machine’s desktop stays locked as there are no Windows or control keys available.
  • The secure two factor authentication requires possession of the badge and knowledge of the user’s password.
  • All data transmission is encrypted. No user data or passwords are stored within LogOnPlus. Verification of user name and password are effected by using LDAP/AD or by using the local user management on the LogOnPlus server machine.
  • LogOnPlus does not log user transaction data (whoever logs on, when or where).
  • The LogOnPlus server supports redundancy (hot stand-by).


  • If you have hardware like readers and cards already in service, they potentially can be adopted to be used for LogOnPlus as well.
  • Because of the modular concept, you only need to license what you use. LogOnPlus can be easily integrated and extended.
  • As you can use LogOnPlus as a company-wide login solution for different target applications, your degree of standardisation is improved. Whatever the target system may be, the users log into LogOnPlus – always the same way.